Burundi Women's Coffees- Supporting and Uplifting Women Coffee Producers

Burundi Women's Coffees- Supporting and Uplifting Women Coffee Producers

June 10, 2020

R G C  C O F F E E  X  B D  I M P O R T S

Supporting and uplifting women coffee producers with a collaborative approach, from seed to cup.


To combat poverty and support women's coffees in Burundi, in 2019 RGC established a social partnership with Phyllis Johnson of BD Imports and Angèle Ciza of Kalico.

These coffees not only represent the quality Burundi has to offer, but they also illustrate the leadership and perseverance of Angèle Ciza, whose work has uplifted thousands of farmers and continues to be a source of inspiration, especially for women. Amazingly, 80% of the farms are owned or managed by women.

From offering scholarship programs to pay for school fees for young girls to partnering with buyers to build sustainability programs for farmers, Ciza is constantly seeking new opportunities to grow her business in order to benefit Burundi coffee growers.

Altitude: Between 1,500 to 1,800 MASL
Harvest Season: March to June
Varietals: Red Bourbon
Fermentation: Coffees are left in tanks for 14 hours. Parchment then goes to pre-drying and hand sorting prior to drying for 10-14 days
Cupping Notes: Balanced, Floral, Stone Fruit, Milk Chocolate, Creamy Smooth, Sweet “If you want to develop Burundi, you develop the women” - Angèle Ciza