Radisson Hotels Recognizes BD Imports as Responsible Business Supplier of the Year

Radisson Hotels Recognizes BD Imports as Responsible Business Supplier of the Year

June 21, 2018

Our longtime partner, Radisson Hotel Group, recognized BD Imports as the 2018 Responsible Business of the Year. The award is given to Radisson business partners that uphold ethical business values throughout the supply chain.

This award recognizes our ongoing work in sustainability and gender equity.

Photo: President and co-founder Phyllis Johnson accepting the award on stage at a ceremony in April 2018.

From the company’s inception 19 years ago, our values of social responsibility, gender equity, and economic and social empowerment drive all of our work and products. It’s a great honor to accept this award. We’re encouraged by this recognition and strive to work with companies who hold similar values.

Studies have shown that millennials are especially motivated to support companies that reflect values similar to ours. We believe in a transparent supply chain. Because we work so closely with the farmers we purchase from, we’re able to provide a digestible narrative of the coffee’s origins and farm practices. This information further rounds out the consumer experience and increases their satisfaction.

“We’ve reached a time when consumers are more concerned about the products they purchase. They want to ensure there’s equity and responsible business practices,” says President and co-founder Phyllis Johnson. “It creates an exciting experience in a cup of coffee when you know that you’ve provided a living wage.  Our engagement with coffee farmers helps to educate a community and ensure women receive payment for their work.”

In Guatemala, coffee sales directly impacted the formation of the Los Andes Coffee & Tea Reserve school. The 48 families who live and work on the farm are able to send their children to the school and take advantage of adult education courses. Women hold leadership positions at the farm, breaking traditional gender roles and contributing to an increase in the farm’s coffee quality and production.

In Burundi, we partnered with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance to source coffee picked by women and directly pay them for their work. Over the last six years, program participation increased by more than 20 times and quality of life noticeably improved.

Investing in people and suppliers throughout our supply chain is how we’re able to bring you high-quality, ethically sourced coffee.

Thank you to our distributors for playing an important role in this award. This award would not be present without the network we have for delivering our coffees into the Radisson hotels around the country.

“It takes a lot of effort to not only produce the coffees we provide but also to roast, package, and distribute our coffees to the hotels,” says Phyllis. “We are grateful for our partners who play a significant role in this process.”

By partnering with other like-minded businesses, we’re able to invest back into the communities that begin our supply chain.

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