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BD Imports Supports Bara Village Education, Training and Entertainment Center

March 10, 2016

ROCKFORD, Illinois – BD Imports Inc. today announced a donation to the Bara Village Education, Training and Entertainment Center. The Center is designed as a prototype facility offering critical life skills development opportunities for rural village citizens from both the student and adult communities. In addition, the Center will offer quality entertainment feature films to enhance the enjoyment of village life where 75% of Tanzania’s population reside and earn their living. The purpose of Center is to enhance the human experience, potential for development and skills acquisition opportunities for rural citizens in Tanzania, East Africa. Such objectives will be obtained through the visual presentation of educational and training films, documentaries, news programs and feature films in a village based learning facility.


Just one reason amongst the many reasons BD Imports felt compelled to support this endeavor is the Center offers quality of life satisfaction and enjoyment: rural communities can offer sustaining and gainful labor, a secure environment of family ties and a meaningful interaction with the natural elements of life. “The impact that our own business has had on the lives of my own children has been profound; the freedom to dream of owning their own business one day, the global awareness and appreciation of others, and if nothing more the drive to follow a dream, a place where their imagination will carry them, all of which can lead to building their own communities. The Bara Village Education, Training and Entertainment Center will help build the community and provides access to a place to help cultivate imagination and the information and resources to help build dreams,” said Phyllis Johnson, President of BD Imports.

About The Developers

The Center project will be located on a 4 acre site owned being developed by The Higher Ground Development Corporation (HGDC) in conjunction with the Ward’s education department and the village primary and secondary schools. HGDC will construct, operate and staff the facility.

The Higher Ground Development Corporation is a Tanzanian corporation established in 1985 by David Robinson and associates to assist in the development of the wealth of human and natural resources in Tanzania. Its’ objectives are to link an enhanced Tanzanian operational capacity with international partnerships for global association and benefit mutual. HGDC is primarily engaged in coffee farming, exporting and international marketing. Together with the Robinson/Mpunda family, the corporation owns a 280 acre farm in Bara village and has been a corporate resident in the Itaka ward since 1990.

About BD Imports

BD Imports was founded in 1999, by Patrick and Phyllis Johnson and serves as a supplier of exceptional quality specialty grade coffees. The company imports green coffee (un-roasted) from sustainable sources in coffee producing countries and markets to roaster retailers and roaster wholesalers located in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan.

The coffee industry is one of the most impoverished industries in the world while being one of the most heavily traded commodities and purchasing is often transactional based without considering the human impact. BD Imports is fully engaged in global collaboration and the fight to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger through commitment to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, the principals of the United Nations Global Compact and the work of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. By understanding the global supply chain and through personally getting to know the people involved, corporations and suppliers can design and modify supply chains that provide the greatest possible benefit to the communities in which they operate. When this is achieved, the reward is higher quality products and services.

BD Imports has taken the position that for all involved in the supply chain it is truly “More than Trade – Its Sustenance”.

In 2003, BD Imports began developing a roasted brand of specialty grade coffees sourced from the best coffee producing regions in Africa. Through recognition that quality and social responsibility go hand-in-hand, the Evolution brand of specialty grade coffees was launched with six unique blends creating a superb coffee experience for the consumer. Today, with their roasting partners, BD Imports is able to hand craft sustainable and socially responsible custom coffee blends to meet the growing needs of its customers.

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