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Big Business & Corporate Social Responsibility

Big Business & Corporate Social Responsibility

May 30, 2016

We're excited to share a an article written by Phyllis Johnson of BD Imports for Coffee Talk Magazine titled "Big Business & Corporate Social Responsibility". Below is an excerpt and a link to the article:

As I sat in Professor Jane Nelson’s CSR class at the Harvard Kennedy School last spring, my eyes were opened to the challenges major corporations face. I learned the complexity in building a credible CSR program; it’s not as simple as you may think. My favorite diagram showed a multitude of stakeholders, with consumers being a primary force. Not-for-profits, researchers, and academics must provide awareness to social, economic, and environmental ills. Others stakeholders must signal business to act including governments, financial advisors, CSR professionals, hedge funds, and many more.

 View the entire article at Coffee Talk Magazine.