Coffee Cherries (image credit: The Perfect Daily Grind)

The Complicated Role of Money in Speciality Coffee

October 03, 2017

We're delighted to share a thoughtfully written article published by Perfect Daily Grind titled "The Complicated Role of Money in Speciality Coffee". Below is an excerpt and a link to the article:

"Not all producers have the same access to the specialty market – and it’s time we talk about this issue.

The specialty coffee industry is built on a great vision: high-quality coffee produced by fairly paid farmers. And there’s no doubt that roasters and consumers set out to have a positive impact on all elements of the supply chain. However, even while roasters pay premium rates for quality coffee, and producers experiment with fermentation and improve infrastructure to access better-paying markets, some farmers are left behind.

And unless we acknowledge this, and the complicated relationship between specialty coffee and producer income levels, we risk increasing those very wealth gaps we want to close."

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